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IDRA is a home for deep and creative engagement with the Jewish past and present.

For us, to be Jewish is to join an ongoing conversation — sometimes an argument — between complex and often conflicting cultures, languages, heritages, politics, and theologies. The conversation is being held not only in English, but in Hebrew, in Yiddish, in Arabic and other languages.

IDRA is a community that convenes this ongoing conversation — over meals, at cultural events, at learning sessions, or on our podcasts — and invites you to join, to learn, to build relationships, and to add your voice.

Check out what’s happening and join us!




Explore the texts, ideas, controversies and personalities that inform the Jewish conversation in the 21st century at our salons, ongoing learning groups or on our Jewish Question podcast



You know those dinners you never want to end because the company is so great and the food is so good and the conversation is so engaging? That's what Shabbat dinner is like at IDRA. Bring your families, an empty stomach and strong opinions. Join us for the next one.



join artists from across the Jewish world that are giving new expression to the eternal spirit.



Build deep and lasting relationships over food, art, text and conversation