What is IDRA?

The Jewish world is fractured along political, geographic, religious and ideological lines. IDRA aims to bridge those fractures by creating an open, welcoming and inclusive home for Jewish community. Drawing equally from café culture and the house of study, IDRA invests in the flourishing of the Jewish people across the world by strengthening cultural literacy and linguistic competence (English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic), affording opportunities for sustained engagement with Jewish texts, ideas and culture, ancient and contemporary, from Israel, America and across the Jewish world — and above all, forging deep and lasting relationships rooted in the shared exploration of these ideas, cultures, and texts.

Who is IDRA?

IDRA is the initiative of Rabbi Joe Schwartz. Joe had always sought a place of Jewish belonging that would host the loud, impassioned conversations and arguments that he associated with the best of Jewish life, an unabashedly cosmopolitan, ideas-oriented place that would reward and deepen curiosity and feature great music, delicious food and a boisterous, heimish and hip atmosphere. It didn’t exist - so he’s building it.

What is an “IDRA”?

In the mystical book of the Zohar, the idra (אדרא, "threshing floor" in Aramaic) is the site of holy fellowship and revelation. Rather than the lofty peaks of Sinai, the revelation in the IDRA is near at hand, emerging from seekers gathering together to study, converse, and explore the mysteries of Jewishness.

Where is IDRA?

We are looking forward to building our permanent home. Until then, IDRA will have pop-up events in Brooklyn and across the New York area.

Who supports IDRA?

Our vision is to building a self-sustaining community. We are grateful to a number of charitable foundations and individuals for seed funding, and welcome any and all community support.